The Natick Dog Park Initiative

FIDO of Natick Inc is a grassroots all-volunteer nonprofit that was initially formed in 2013 by residents seeking community support for the town’s first off-leash dog park. As of September 4, 2020, we’re proud to announce that Eddie’s Park is now open!


In 2014, we gained our 501(c)3 nonprofit status with the pro bono assistance of a generous lawyer we met on one our numerous “table days” getting the word out about the dog park initiative. Days later we met the Kramer family and learned about the sudden and unexplained death of their 18-month old son, Eddie. With no prior connection to us but Eddie’s shared loved of dogs, Glenn and Allison Kramer directed all donations in Eddie’s memory to FIDO, to the eventual joy that the dog park would bring their beloved community.

Fast forward 5 years to August 2019 when we all celebrated the ground-breaking of the dog park at Middlesex Path in Natick Center. What some of our new supporters might have missed were the countless hours spent in front of the Town Boards and Committees advocating for this stunning dog park. We went back and forth and sometimes more backward than forward, but we made it!

Thank you all for being there for us, for our community, and for the Kramer family, who now have not one but three beautiful daughters and a dog of their own! Please enjoy Eddie’s Park safely and with kindness ❤

Donations to FIDO of Natick Inc are tax deductible. Federal Tax ID: 471972278

See some of our early design plans from 2014 below, or click the links to download the PDF file:

fido map 2

 Dog Park Aerial 2014.12.14

fido map 1

Dog Park V2 2014.12.09

To view the Natick Dog Park Feasibility Report  please click: Natick Dog Park Feasibility Report