Timeline of Events


October: We were assembled as an interested group of citizens by the Natick Open Space Committee to discuss the possibility of a dog park. Additionally, we began to discuss the ideal location for the dog park.


February: The group reconvened at another Natick Open Space Committee meeting to update on progress.

Spring: The Conservation Committee agreed with us that building a dog park in the town of Natick would be a great idea, but  at the time they were unable to vote on any land sites. This would be the case for two consecutive meetings until they were able to determine who was in control of the land at question.

April: Group site visits to seven different suggested sites took place before we ultimately agreed upon the Middlesex Path site as a group.

Summer: Poop Patrol commenced on a weekly basis at the Natick Town Common and additional parks in the surrounding area. Additionally, during this time we met with town officials Martha White & Bill Chenard regarding how to proceed with our initiative.

June: We met with town officials Mr.Hladick, Mr. Goodhine, Mr. Marshall, and Mr. Chenard

July: Additional research was conducted at this time in regard to the deed/land ownership of the Middlesex Path site. The land was found to be  owned by the inhabitants of Natick, as a result, the Board of Selectmen would make any and all decisions. We also met with the Safety Committee for a  hearing in order to give them a better understanding of our ideas for the Natick dog park.

September: We met with the Finance Committee bringing forth the idea of a dog park along with the preferred location which resulted in a unanimous vote in favor.  We then met with the Board of Selectmen for the initial ask to pursue the idea and we again had a unanimous vote in favor. At the annual Natick Days event we had an Open Space Table to get the word out about Fido and the Natick Dog Park Initiative.

Fall: We submitted the Warrant Article #10 for amendment in the leash law which passed with approval.

October 6: The Park & Rec Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the idea of a dog park at Middlesex Path. We were officially incorporated as a corporation. Call us Fido of Natick Inc from now on!

November: We achieved 501 (c) 3 status in record time (3 weeks)!!

November 5: We had a meeting with the Safety Committee to re-discuss our initial suggestions.

November 17: We met with the  Board of Selectmen to ask to pursue the grant at the site of Middlesex Path for the dog park.


And the rest is history! After 7 long years, the dog park (Eddie’s Park) at Middlesex Path is open!

For more current news, join our Facebook community group and official Facebook page.

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